Greeks and Romans are the focus of new Horrible Histories

Date Posted: 17/11/2014

Two brand new Horrible Histories shows should help rescue teachers battling with the new KS2 history curriculum.

New Horrible Histories stage shows - Groovy Greeks and Incredible Invaders will both open at The Capitol in Horsham from 2nd to 5th April, before touring the UK for 12 months.

Both shows from the Birmingham Stage Company feature special 3D effects. From next year, free teachers notes will also be available to download from the website.

Incredible Invaders

Incredible Invaders takes students through the chronological story of Britain starting from the Roman invasion of AD43, exploring the impact the Romans had on Britain, the conquest of the country, including Hadrian’s Wall and the resistance led by Caratacus and Boudicca.

Students will find out about Roman roads and towns, place names, discovering what the Romans gave Britain and why they left.

The two-hour show then looks at Viking invasions and the Norman attack in the Battle of Hastings.

Groovy Greeks

Groovy Greeks takes children on an exciting adventure through Greek civilisation starting with the Mycenaeans in Troy to see the Trojan horse.

Students will watch a Greek play and see competitors in the first ever Olympic games. They’ll learn about slaves, discover democracy and meet great philosophers and thinkers.

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