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Fun for school groups of all ages at Plantasia

Date Posted: 14/05/2014

From 24th May, school groups can immerse themselves in nature’s healing sanctuary, ‘Plantasia’, at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and experience the transformative power of plants.

From barefoot walking trails to herbal remedy workshops and horticultural displays, students will see how life-enhancing plants and fungi affect human health in mind, body and soul.

School trip organisers will be able to take children to wander along the ‘Barefoot Walk’ in the arboretum where you can balance on beams and hop across tree trunks to experience the different textures upon your soles.

At weekly workshops held by Kew experts, children can discover how people used home cures to treat everyday complaints before the advent of the NHS.

For further school trip information contact:

020-8332 5655

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