Factory workers commemorated in WWI museum

Date Posted: 19/07/2014

The Devil’s Porridge museum, opening on 31st July in Eastriggs in Scotland, commemorates the efforts of thousands of munitions workers from H.M Factory Gretna, a crucial World War One munitions factory.

The museum serves as a commemoration to the 30,000 munitions workers who came to the museum from all over Britain and the Commonwealth to do their bit for the war effort.

The townships of Eastriggs and Gretna would not exist if it was not for the factory, and the hard work of the Irish navvies who built the towns in record time.

Schools visiting The Devil’s Porridge can see a large collection of artefacts, oral histories, photographs and documentation from the factory, alongside other exhibition material.

Guided tours are available on request. A full schools programme will be announced shortly.

For more information contact Devils Porridge:



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