Engraving exhibition at Maritime Museum links To KS1 History

Date Posted: 10/08/2015

Key Stage 1 History teachers can link a school visit to the How Europe Saw the World exhibition, running at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall from 3rd October to 24th April, to its new Sir Francis Drake KS1 workshop.

The exhibition tells the story of descriptions of the Americas, Africa, India and the Far East which were made over 400 years ago by Flemish engraver Theodore de Bry.

De Bry illustrated the customs and people who lived in distant lands, including their nautical traditions, all of which can be seen in his engravings, some of which were the earliest ever published and date from between 1590 and 1602.

The Key Stage 1 workshop Sir Francis Drake: The Queen’s Pirate takes children to join one such explorer, Drake, as he sets off on a ‘secret mission’ into the new world.

They will learn about life on a Tudor ship and explore the main features of sailing vessels of the period. The sessions also includes making a boat to sail on the museum’s pool.

For more information visit www.nmmc.co.uk     

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