Contemporary domestic design at the Geffrye Museum

Date Posted: 07/02/2014

useful + beautiful -  an exhibition showcasing contemporary domestic design, from furniture and textiles, to lighting and technology - will run at the Geffrye Museum in London from 29th April until 25th August.

The exhibition will also spill out into the gardens with a display of innovative garden furniture design.

As well as highlighting local design from Hackney and London, useful + beautiful will look further afield and include work by leading national and international designers.

The Geffrye Museum specialises in 400 years of urban middle-class interiors.

The exhibition coincides with the museum’s centenary year and celebrates one of its original purposes - to inspire the local furniture-making industry.

Talks and workshops as part of a school group visit to useful + beautiful

A programme of events highlighting contemporary domestic design will run throughout the show; including talks by the curator and featured designers, a debate on the future of design, workshops, and activities for children.

School trip organisers can book talks by the curator of useful + beautiful as well as featured designers, or get involved in a selection of workshops.

For further school trip information contact:

020-7739 9893

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