Conservation exhibition educates through interaction

Date Posted: 15/08/2015

Sea Life Brighton has opened a new interactive exhibition called Conservation Cove that aims to educate school groups about our oceans.

The exhibition is dedicated to the work of the UK marine conversation charity the Sea Life Trust.

Conservation Cove features displays housed in colourful beach-huts, each themed to promote goals such as sustainable fishing, marine protected areas and cleaner seas.

Max Leviston, general manager at Sea Life Brighton explained: “We are honoured and excited to be hosting the world’s first Sea Life Trust exhibition.

Conservation Cove includes push-button gadgets and devices to help get visitors engaged with these crucial issues.”

There is a variety of education packages available for KS1 and 2 teachers to book at Sea Life Brighton, varying from a solely self-guided visit to sessions including workshops. 

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Photo Credit: Julia Claxton.

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