Centuries old exhibit returns to the Tower

Date Posted: 05/07/2013

The Line of Kings exhibition of armour and artefacts at the Tower of London, has been revitalised by Historic Royal Palaces and the Royal Armouries. School trip organisers can take pupils to see the exhibit from 10th July.

The Line of Kings is described as the Tower’s longest running visitor attraction, having been at the venue since the 17th century.

After the Restoration of 1660 the exhibition, like the Crown Jewels, communicated to visitors the monarch's right to rule and the advantages of good kingship.

The display has been rearranged, moved and dispersed over the centuries, and has now been put back together again to show it off in all its glory in the White Tower. 

Highlights of the exhibition

Highlights of the Line of Kings include its wooden horses, most of which are over 300 years old.

The armour of King Henry VIII is also on display alongside armours of Prince Henry, King Charles I and King James II.

In addition, there are arms and armours once used by nobles and pikemen, and curiosities including a 17th century Japanese armour, a rare medieval saddle and two massive swords of state.

Teachers arranging school visits to the exhibition are entitled to school group discounts and can also take advantage of bookable guides and tours at the venue.

For further school trip information visit www.hrp.org.uk.

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