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Brand new bee exhibition at Brogdale

Date Posted: 04/05/2013

A creative bee exhibition is now a permanent part of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Faversham, Kent.

Following the recent concerns regarding the dramatic decline in bees, Brogdale’s new area has been introduced in order to encourage a public interest in bees and their importance to fruit and food production.

Alec Findlay, an established artist, poet and publisher has supported Brogdale in creating the exhibition which incorporates beehives, bee-nests and poetry.

Traditional beehives have been painted in a spectrum of colours matching the blossom, fruit and leaf of specific varieties in the National Fruit Collection. Poetry about bees has also been stencilled on the sides and bee-nests hang among the trees.

Although the painted hives do not have bees, the National Fruit Collection does maintain other working beehives for honey bee swarms, which are out in the orchards.

What’s at Brogdale for your pupils?

Brogdale has Key Stage 1 and 2 programmes for schools and a range of rural and horticultural courses for the general public.

Events at Brogale this summer and autumn

Teachers taking school groups to Brogdale this year might want to coincide their visit with one of its special events. Highlights include:

•    Strawberry Fair     29th to 30th June
•    Cherry Festival     20th to 21st July
•    Rural Cooking Day     14th to 15th September
•    Apple Festival        19th to 20th October

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