Born survivors

Date Posted: 22/12/2014

Wilderness survival school company Wildwood Bushcraft has developed a new one-day course in Practical Survival Skills for students that aspire to be like Bear Grylls.

On the course children will learn:

  • What to do initially in a survival situation
  • How to assess a situation
  • Plan for rescue and/or evacuation
  • Get help in places without phone coverage - signalling, different techniques for different circumstances
  • Essential equipment - survival kits, other equipment you have at your disposal including found and natural materials
  • Quick and easy firelighting methods and fundamentals of fire construction - different uses for fire
  • Shelter - making use of existing shelter, lightweight shelters you can carry with you and important elements of your clothing system
  • Water collection and purification
  • Basic orientation and navigation.

The course would also be suitable for pupils who are preparing for expeditions or outdoor challenges such as the Duke of Edinburgh.

Centres are available in both Sussex and the Scottish Highlands, and the Wildwood team can also visit schools throughout the UK.

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