Bend It Like Beckham launches educational packs for schools

Date Posted: 22/09/2015

Pictured: Hounslow Harriers in Bend It Like Beckham The Musical. Photo credit: Ellie Kurttz.

Bend It Like Beckham The Musical has created two new learning packs specifically for Primary and Secondary education in order to enhance a school trip.

Each resource covers a synopsis of the musical, and offers pre and post-show workshop ideas for in-classroom sessions to analyse different topics within the show.


The Primary pack is aimed at both lower and upper Key Stage 2 students, with the chance to merge ideas together where appropriate.

Main topics that can be discussed and interpreted from seeing the show include Women In Football, Sikhism, and Ethnicity in London.


The secondary pack covers a more extensive range of themes, such as Challenging Stereotypes, and Rights, Respect and Responsibility.

There are six themes altogether, each of which has one lesson that can be used before a visit to Bend It Like Beckham The Musical, plus lessons that can be used after a visit.

Each resource pack includes teachers’ notes and lesson plans with curriculum links.

You can download the packs here:



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