Battle of the Atlantic at the Fleet Air Arm Museum

Date Posted: 08/07/2013

The Fleet Air Arm Museum’s new exhibition, Battle of the Atlantic, will run until December. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest campaign of World War Two; beginning on the first day of the war and continuing until the German surrender in 1945.

As part of the exhibition, vintage aircraft including a Fairey Swordfish, Fairey Fulmar and a newly restored Grumman Martlet will be on display.

In addition to the aircraft there will be a representation of a German U-boat conning tower along with a rare example of a German Gyrocopter.

Gyrocopters were stored onboard the U-boats within torpedo tubes and could be deployed rapidly when the submarine surfaced and towed behind the submarine lifting its pilot to height of some 100 metres, extending visibility to around 25 miles.

The aircraft, the people, the ships, the submarines, and the technology all played their part in this decisive battle and will feature in the new exhibition, telling the story of the Battle of the Atlantic, its importance to World War Two, and the Fleet Air Arm’s vital role in it.

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