Backstage theatre workshops from Theatre Workout

Date Posted: 07/09/2015

Theatre Workout has developed a new range of backstage experiences suitable for Key Stage 2 to 5 school groups.

The backstage sessions range from practical workshops on lighting, sound, set and costume design, to seminars and discussions on the business of theatre and staging a show.

Example sessions include:

Prop Making

In this workshop pupils will look at a scene and decide what props might be needed. They will look at the role of a props designer and then create the props for a banquet

Costume Design

Students taking the costume design workshop will look at characters from a chosen play. They will design a costume for a character in groups, and create it out of large paper. 


This demonstration workshop, which is delivered by professional make-up artists, will cover all the basics of stage make-up design and application with professional industry tips.

Extended workshop options can include special effects, such as cuts and scars, wigs, hair and prosthetics.

Workshops are held at the Backstage Centre in Purfleet's High House Production Park, London.

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