BNF launches new food and farming resources for schools

Date Posted: 07/03/2015

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a set of online resources to educate children about healthy eating.

The food and farming fact sheets, lesson ideas and activity suggestions will work well alongside a relevant school trip; to a local farm or food factory for example.

For Primary

Pupils will join Alisha, Jordan, Nicola and Ronnie as they explore healthy eating, cooking and where food comes from through six stories.

The stories have been designed to support cross-curricular/inter-disciplinary learning and are accompanied by a variety of classroom resources. They are ideal for interactive whiteboards, have been tested in schools and are free and ready to use.

New for Secondary Schools

Understanding where our food comes from, and how it is produced, helps individuals make more informed choices about their diet. To support this aim, the

BNF has developed a set of case studies focusing on dairy farming, covering:

•    Animal health and welfare;
•    The environment and sustainability;
•    Diversity of farming systems;
•    The production of milk and other dairy products.

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