Autumn term exhibition at the People’s History Museum

Date Posted: 23/06/2015

A new exhibition Show Me the Money – charting how the financial world has been imagined in art – will be open to schools for the beginning of the next academic year at the People’s History Museum, in Manchester.

Students can explore the subject of finance through art, illustration and photography at the People’s History Museum’s new exhibition Show Me the Money, which will be open throughout the Autumn 2015 term.

Schools can choose between a self-guided visit using the learning resources provided or a guided tour of the exhibition with a curator. As part of Show Me the Money, students will be able to see Cornford & Cross’ Black Narcissus film, which reveals the fortunes of the FTSE over the course of an entire decade as well as Simon Roberts’ Credit Crunch Lexicon, a collection of UK newsprint, Bank of England papers, economic reports and political speeches, exploring the most common terms used since the recession hit in 2008.

A Boom and Bust section examines both the British and American economies and brings the history of financial crises up to date, whilst satirical cartoons by Peter Fluck - which appeared in Labour Weekly and demonstrate the problems of soaring inflation during the 1970s - will be on show from the People’s History Museum archive.

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