Autism-friendly version of Matilda from the RSC

Date Posted: 19/05/2014

The Royal Shakespeare Company will stage a relaxed performance of Matilda the Musical on 15th June at the Cambridge Theatre in London.

The show will be suitable for school groups of children with autism or learning difficulties, which has been developed in conjunction with the National Autistic Society.

The performance will provide a relaxed environment, with elements of the production adapted to reduce anxiety or stress.

Lighting and sound levels will be adjusted to soften their impact and there will be a relaxed attitude to noise and moving around the auditorium during the performance. 

Designated ‘chill-out’ areas will be provided outside the auditorium with soft seating and activities for people to use if being in the auditorium becomes overwhelming for them.

School trip organisers booking to go and see this performance of Matilda will be sent a visual story to help familiarise students with the plot, characters and the setting before they arrive at the theatre.

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Photo credit: Manuel Harla.

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