Ancient Egypt exhibition ties in with KS2 History

Date Posted: 03/08/2015

Secret Egypt – Unravelling Truth From Myth, an exhibition that teachers can tie in to the Ancient Egypt topic as part of Key Stage 2 History, will run at the Weston Park venue in Sheffield from 17th October to 10th April.

The exhibition aims to unearth the truth behind popular myths surrounding Ancient Egypt.

Secret Egypt brings together over 150 objects drawn from Birmingham Museums' significant ancient Egyptian collection with items from Museums Sheffield’s stores, to set students on an investigative journey to find the facts behind the fiction.

Objects on display will include the mummy and coffin of Namenkhetamun dating from around 600 BC (pictured).

Children will also be able to see amulets, shabtis, and canopic jars illustrating what a burial chamber would have been like.

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Pictured: Coffin of Namenkhetamun -® Birmingham Museums Trust.

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