An engraving exhibition at Ironbridge Gorge

Date Posted: 08/08/2013

A new exhibition at Enginuity design and technology centre, one of the Ironbridge Gorge Museums in Shropshire, celebrates the craftsmanship of the Victorian trade catalogue engraver. Devil’s in the Detail will run from 1st October to 30th April.

The exhibition celebrates the steady hand and eagle eye of engravers during the Victorian era. It features large-scale prints and audio description to clearly demonstrate the extent of the engravers’ skill.

The history behind Devil’s in the Detail

From the late medieval period right up until the 20th century, images were painstakingly engraved and then reproduced on a printing press.

Even after the invention of photography the skill of the engraver remained very much in demand, and yet engravers seldom gained public recognition for their skills.

Tactile material, including reproduction printing blocks will be available for handling and children who are blind or partially sighted on the school trip will be able to hear about the displays by means of ‘Pen Friends’. These devices, kindly donated by the RNIB, will use creative audio description to bring the engravings and objects to life.

Devil’s in the Detail draws on the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust’s collection of rare 19th century wood engravings.

An annual passport ticket, allowing unlimited entry into all ten Ironbridge Gorge museums, costs £15.25 per student for school groups. Individual tickets are also available.

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