Activity trail based on Julia Donaldson book

Date Posted: 06/03/2015

A super-sensory Superworm trail opens at Moors Valley Country Park in Hampshire this month.

Especially designed by Forestry Commission England’s learning team, the super-sensory trails will offer an extra educational element to the park.

Superworm is a hugely popular story from the creators of The Gruffalo. It tells the story of how a superhero worm and his mini-beast friends defeat the villainous Wizard Lizard.

Incorporating up to ten stops, each offering activity ideas and questions, it will use its fun format to help children use their super-senses to connect with the forest environment around them.

Special packs with additional things to do, including a sticker sheet, activity leaflet and string for children to make their own Superworm.

Superworm’s author Julia Donaldson said: “The characters in the book include ants, beetles, caterpillars, spiders, birds and reptiles, many of which can be found on the activity trails, bringing our woods and forests alive for young adventurers.”

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