A new exhibition at Bletchley Park is now open for school visits

Date Posted: 24/03/2015

A new exhibition at Bletchley Park is now open for school visits.

Secret notes scribbled by Codebreakers, found stuffed into the cracks between beams in the roof of Hut 6 are to be displayed for the first time as part of the Rescued and Restored exhibition.

The display includes the only known example of used Banbury sheets, a system devised by Alan Turing to help find the daily changing Enigma settings during the Second World War and help the Allies to victory.

Banbury sheets involved lining up two sheets of paper in which holes were punched over a light box, to help find possible settings and break the codes.

Visits to Bletchley Park will be beneficial for both History and Maths lessons as pupils are invited to explore the Home of the Codebreakers, learn about the pivotal role it played during World War Two and test their own code-breaking skills with interactive activities in the galleries.

For more information visit www.bletchleypark.org.uk.

Pictured: Banbury sheet devised by Alan Turing, found in Hut 6 of Bletchley Park.


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