A new education resource from The Lion King

Date Posted: 24/09/2013

New for this autumn, The Spirit of The Lion King is a practical web-based class project for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 from West End musical, The Lion King.

Focusing on the central themes of the importance of community and responsibility in The Lion King, the project aims to help school groups understand what defines a community, encouraging them to explore the roles and responsibilities they have within their own communities.

The Spirit of the Lion King is designed to work with the show’s existing education programme to enhance the experience of pupils who have been to see the show on a school trip.

Over two lessons and a school visit to The Lion King, the project supports key topics of the citizenship curriculum whilst offering a spread of cross-curricular work in English and Drama.

Lesson 1: Exploring Communities is designed to help pupils understand what a community is, what roles make up a community and how members contribute towards their community.

Lesson 2: Our Community’s Spirit explores how the spirit of The Lion King is created and how active citizens can create the spirit in other communities, leading to some imaginative optional project work within their school.

The materials include downloadable teachers’ notes, online lesson presentations (suitable for whiteboard), downloadable pupil worksheets and curriculum links. All education materials are complimentary when a school purchases tickets for the show.

For further school trip information visit www.spiritofthelionking.co.uk.


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