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Deadly challenge for schools visiting Longleat

Date Posted: 28/05/2013

Longleat Safari & Adventure Park has officially opened its latest feature, the Deadly Challenge area, based on the popular BBC television series.

Located next to the park’s Adventure Castle, the Deadly Challenge is made up of six themed zones focussing on different animals’ deadly skills– the Venom Zone, the Power Zone, the Superpower Zone, Agility Zone, Ambush Zone and the Speed Zone.

Longleat’s Steve Mytton said: “Each challenge tests a different set of skills in a fun and highly-interactive way – it’s not all about brawn as brains are also extremely important, as well as reactive and observational skills.”

Starting at the Deadly Challenge Mission Control, school groups will receive a Deadly briefing video from presenter Steve Backshall.

They will then have to put their skills to the test in a series of timed challenges to find as many deadly creatures as possible throughout the Deadly Challenge. At the end of each challenge, pupils will be given a skull rating to determine their overall ‘Deadly’ rating at the end of the game.

School group discounts are available.

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