An educational voyage down the Amazon river

Date Posted: 15/01/2013

Exhibition, Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes & Other Riches at the Horniman Museum & Gardens in London will take pupils to the heart of the world’s longest river.

Opening on 16th February, school travel organisers taking students to the museum can enjoy hands-on experiences, aquariums, colourful artwork and scientific research as the exhibition takes visitors on a trip down the world’s largest and most biologically diverse river.

Children can learn about unusual creatures including pink dolphins, piranhas and anacondas, and come face to face with a stingray and live tetras.

Schools can also discover the environmental dangers facing the Amazon and its inhabitants such as overfishing, poaching and logging.

A variety of activities can be enjoyed alongside the exhibition including: 

  • Boarding Captain Mo’s boat and hearing tales of the ‘seven perils’.
  • Observing live, freshwater stingrays, and tetras in a ‘bubble’ tank.
  • Lifting a life-size, soft, sculpted anaconda.
  • Feeling the simulated zap of a tiny electric eel
  • Reaching into a tank of rotten leaves and debris to explore the habitat of ‘muck fish’, a new species of fish discovered living in the Amazon.
  • Exploring inside the belly of a giant catfish replica to find out what it really eats

Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes & Other Riches will run until November.

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Photo credit: Cliff Van Coevorden

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