Workshops at the World Rugby Museum

Date Posted: 06/05/2015

Twickenham Stadium is home to England rugby and the World Rugby Museum. The venue offers a unique range of learning experiences that revolve around Rugby Union, professional sport and the stadium itself.

The World Rugby Museum's workshops and seminars programme received the Sandford Award for Heritage Education in 2010 and the Quality Badge for Learning Outside the Classroom in 2009 and 2011. The Curriculum-linked workshops and seminars are available for Key Stages 1 to 5 and turn a corporate box at the venue into a classroom.

Below are a few examples of the workshops and seminars on offer…

Key Stage 1 – Rugby strips and textiles

Here, students will examine the changes and improvements to rugby strips, boots and equipment due to innovations in technology and the growth of professionalism. The workshop will conclude with an object-handling session in which students will get the opportunity to try on the different kits.

Key Stage 2 – Design me a stadium

Also available for Key Stage 3, this workshop asks students to consider the essential facilities of large sporting venues, before becoming stadium directors and designing their own working stadiums, choosing everything from location to which fast food outlets to source their catering from.

Key Stage 3 – Rugby in motion: GPS technology and fitness training

Focusing on body mechanics, training programmes and how GPS technology is assisting the development of elite athletes, this workshop teaches students how speed, strength, power, endurance and agility are essential to the modern game and how different combinations of each are vital to different positions on the rugby field.

With this understanding, they will be asked to develop training programmes and assemble their own teams.

Key Stage 4 – Commercial Twickenham

Following the Business Studies Curriculum, this seminar provides an insight into the operations and management of the Twickenham Rugby Store.
Representatives of the Rugby Store management team will present an educational seminar covering the business operations, structure, and logistics involved in the running of the store.

Key Stage 5 – Fitness and elite rugby

This interactive seminar with a member of the RFU fitness and conditioning team, looks to explore the fitness requirements of elite rugby players, their training regimes, diet and other modern approaches to gaining an advantage on the sports field.

The course is flexible to specific school requirements and can cover a range of topics such as sporting partnerships, drugs policies and the impact of new technologies and professionalism in the sport.

Stadium Tours

Schools can also take part in a stadium tour, allowing students to access some of the most exclusive parts of the stadium, take a seat in the England dressing room and run out of the players’ tunnel.

World Rugby Museum

At the museum, classes can discover the history of the game from its origins in Rugby School to the present day, as well as learning about the architecture, painting, sculpture and design of the stadium itself.

Worksheets are able to be downloaded for use during or after the visit.

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