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Workshop Ideas: Anglo Saxons

Date Posted: 02/08/2014

Subject: History -The Anglo Saxons
Venue: Potteries Museum and Art Gallery
Key Stages: 1 - 2

The Anglo-Saxon workshops at the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent may now be of particular interest to teachers, as the topic has increased prominence in the new curriculum.

The museum houses collections including natural history, local history, ceramics, costumes and fine art.

Support and inspire students’ learning with the resonance of the real thing; be it a medieval skeleton, a real Spitfire or tools from the Stone Age.

A range of interactive learning sessions are available for schools to book at the museum. Learning sessions usually last 90 minutes and cost £4.50 per child. The museum is also home to the Staffordshire Hoard, as part of its Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia exhibition.

Hands-on activity workshops include:

Anglo-Saxon Battle Game - KS2

Children can learn about Anglo-Saxon warfare and recreate a battle using hundreds of model soldiers in our exciting strategy game. Listen to a true story of invaders and settlers in the 7th century Kingdom of Mercia, handle replica objects and make an Anglo-Saxon card game to take home.

Vikings and Saxons – KS2

Listen to the story of King Alfred the Great and his battles against the Vikings. Recreate a battle with model soldiers in our strategy game to find out the differences between Saxons and Vikings. Handle replica objects and clothing and make a card game to take home.

Anglo Saxon Homes - KS1

What sort of houses did the Anglo-Saxons live in? Learn about homes in the past and compare to today. Make a model Mercian hut to take away.

Hoard Helmets - KS2

Learn about the Staffordshire Hoard; how it was discovered, where it was found, what it contained and why it is so important. View the Hoard up close and children can make their own Anglo-Saxon helmet inspired by the distinctive designs.

Anglo-Saxon Story Game - KS2

Pupils will be given the opportunity to try on replica clothing and play the part of villagers in the 7th century Kingdom of Mercia. Discuss the choices and make decisions which will determine the fate of your people.

Other workshop activities are available, details of which can be found on the museum’s website at

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