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Workshop Idea: Life in Roman Carlisle

Date Posted: 26/08/2014

Roman Frontier Gallery at Tullie House.

Subjects: History, the Romans
Venue: Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle.
Key Stage: 2

Located at the end of Hadrian’s Wall, Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is a popular choice with schools studying the Romans.

Its KS2 session - Life in Roman Carlisle - focuses on various inhabitants of the city during the period including a soldier, Roman lady and native trader.

Using original artefacts combined with high quality replicas, the schools session looks at the Roman’s everyday life.

Teachers can choose to link the workshop with a visit to the Roman areas of the museum’s displays, including its Roman Frontier Gallery.

The gallery boasts a three-quarter scale replica of a Roman tent, in which children can sit and try on costumes, as well as other hands-on activities. 

There is also the chance to consider the effect Hadrian’s Wall had on existing local communities and compare this with similar situations today.

Tullie House has a trail for its Roman Frontier Gallery which is suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils in English, German and Dutch as well as a teacher’s guide.

KS2 session - Life in Roman Carlisle

Tullie House has created five characters for your class to explore in order to build up a picture of the type of people who lived in Roman Carlisle.

Each table has different tasks to consider in order to build up a picture of the type of person who could have owned the objects. The tasks involve working in pairs or as a whole group.

The emphasis is on the children exploring and investigating; using their findings to create characters, rather than on right and wrong answers.

The session will start with a small introduction explaining how to handle objects safely. This will be followed by the children rotating around the five tables.

Within the Roman Frontier Gallery in Tullie House.

The session will conclude with each table feeding back about the last table they were on.

Programme of workshops

Tullie House also offers a full programme of workshops for all key stages, from Foundation Stage to Secondary.

Sessions include Florence Nightingale, Washday Blues and Toys and Games for Key Stage 1, CSI: Tullie, Prehistory, Egyptians, Vikings, Tudors and the Border Reivers for Key Stage 2 as well as Victorians, World War One and World War Two for both Key Stage 2 and 3.

For more information contact:

01228-618725 (Gill Goodfellow)

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