Top spots in Europe for Medieval History

Date Posted: 28/02/2015

European History, with particular focus around the Medieval era, is a subject taught in classrooms all around the world – but what better way to teach your students about a period in time than visiting those preserved areas, bringing the era to life right before their eyes?

Beautiful fortresses, castles and examples of historically important and humble homes are all dotted around Europe – just waiting to be explored by curious young minds.

Hi Groups has a wide range of hostels in European locations steeped in Medieval History – with facilities tailored to suit the needs of school groups.

If you are in need of a little inspiration – here are some locations ideal for teachers looking to immerse their students in Medieval European History:

Sarpsborg – Norway

In the Osfold region of Norway lies the Medieval city of Sarpsborg.

School groups will find a range of architecturally stunning Medieval churches, a variety of remarkable burial sites and intriguing ruins of historically important fortresses and manors.

The 13th century church in Skjeberg is one of the most impressive and significant churches in Norway – the sight of it alone is enough to inspire your students.

Classes can also explore the iconic waterfall of Sarpbord, the Storedal Cultural Centre and the wonderful Borgaryssel Museum.

Carcassone – France

The historic and charming French city of Carcassone is an excellent example of a Medieval fortified town.

Its Medieval core, the Cité, is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site and was expertly restored in the late 1800s.

The city was thought to be the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty due to its fairy-tale drawbridges, moats, castles and Medieval cobbled streets.

Students can stay within the city walls just a few steps away from the remarkable castle and embark on a tour around the walls surrounding the city – learning as they go.

Leuven – Belgium

The charming Belgian city of Leuven is world renowned for its enchanting Medieval architecture – attracting curious History students from around the world year-on-year.

The 15th century Town Hall is widely considered to be one of the finest examples of Medieval architecture in the entire world, as is the 15th century Catholic University – one of the world’s oldest functioning universities.

Echternach – Luxembourg

Its old patrician houses, charming narrow streets and ancient ramparts give Echternach in Luxembourg a remarkably authentic Medieval atmosphere.

Impressive buildings such as the old Benedictine Abbey – founded in the 7th century by St. Willibrord, the 15th century Town Hall, the churches of St Peter and St Paul and the Rococo Pavilion ensure that students won’t be lost for inspiration during their visit.

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