Top 9 educational spots in Amsterdam

Date Posted: 06/10/2015

The Canals of Amsterdam

Wondering what Amsterdam has to offer students? We’ve looked into some of the top spots in Amsterdam for educational trips and budding learners.

Nemo is a science museum in a stand out riverside building with a hard to miss huge sloping roof which offers panoramic views of the city. The roof is transformed into a makeshift beach in the summer with sand, bean bags and snaps.

Inside, students can busy themselves with interactive exhibitions used to help teach all about Science and Technology. Children can explore interactive exhibits such as whispering at a distance and blowing the biggest bubbles to help learn about Physics in the Sensational Science exhibition.

Additionally, just next door is a public library which also offers views of Amsterdam from its top-floor restaurant.

Body Worlds: The Happiness Project gives students the opportunity to go on a journey through the human body. The interactive exhibition features real human bodies and the primary goal of the project is to raise public awareness of health issues.

Students will be fascinated by the way the human tissue is preserved to avoid decay and dehydration of the body and will be intrigued by the revolutionary way the human body can be viewed at this museum.

For those with a brave heart, Amsterdam Dungeon mixes History teaching with scares in this popular interactive attraction. Visitors will tour the dungeons where they will learn about Medieval torture and the plague, all whilst trying to avoid getting scared by the actors helping to bring 11 shows to life.

There’s also a boat ride and a labyrinth, which children will no doubt find fun. The dungeons are ideal for 7 year olds specifically.

Anne Frank's House

Anne Frank’s House will be at the top of any teacher’s list in terms of an educational visit. The part museum and part original house will help the story of Anne Frank come alive where students can view artefacts from the Frank family and even visit the annex where the family hid.

The museum has lots to offer for school trips, such as programs for children which include talks, a tour and student participation. The house is right in the centre of Amsterdam and has its own café.

Electric Ladyland is a slightly bonkers museum and is the only fluorescent art museum in the world. Inside the colourful basement museum, pupils will learn all about how fluorescent light works and the hands on experience will give learners the chance to see how everyday items such as notes and currency from other countries often have hidden images on them when seen under fluorescent light.

Although small, this museum is just right for a rainy afternoon and is situated just around the corner from Anne Frank’s House, making it central too.

Amsterdam is also home to not one, not two but three theme parks. The biggest one is Efteling, which is based among 160 acres of pine forest. Taking on a quintessential fairytale theme, the park is home to attractions suitable for all ages. It’s educational as well as fun.

For budding chefs, Kinderkookkafe is a café where children can cook their own meal. School children can play chef for the entire day and make pizza or pancakes, or they can split up their visit by also playing in either the outdoor or indoor play area.

If they so wish, they can also learn all tasks usually reserved for adults such as distributing drinks, cakes and cookies, writing the menus, bar-keeping and serving, clearing up and even sometimes doing the checkout. It gives pupils the chance to feel more grown up and independent, whereas adults can kick back and relax without having to step in and clean up themselves…

The Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum ties in with any pupils studying Art or History. The Museum offers a timeline of the artist’s life and work, and works of Toulouse-Lautrec are also on display. There’s often various exhibitions and workshops on offer too, making visits interactive as well as informative. 

The museum is excellent for school, offering plenty of teaching material and even science classes, in which Secondary school students study sight, vision, colour and the science involved in restoring portraits.

Amsterdam is best known for its canals and its many boat tours that operate on the waterways. Boat trips offer a unique way to see the city’s best sights and historical harbours. Throughout the year, different trips run, offering views of Pass Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam’s Golden Age warehouses and Central Station among others.

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