The latest LOtC opportunities in Cheshire

Date Posted: 11/09/2015

Pictured: Exploring the Lion Salt Works.

The county of Cheshire has plenty in the way of trips, activities and workshops for schools. The Lion Salt Works, Grosvenor Museum and the Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse all provide curriculum-related programmes and here we take a look at what they offer…

Lion Salt Works, Northwich

The Lion Salt Works in Northwich opened in June and now offers schools visits with strong links to the Science, History and Geography curriculums.

Students can investigate rocks and geology, the properties of salt and the geography of the Lion Salt Works, to tie in to Science studies on materials for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.

After trying their hand at being a scientist, pupils can then become historians and detectives to investigate the impact of salt on the local people, industry and environment, before becoming nature explorers in the Lion Salt Works landscape gallery and butterfly garden. Here students can investigate the habitat and identify the plants and insects which have adapted to the conditions.

Contact: Lion Salt Works learning officer on 01606 275038 or e-mail

Grosvenor Museum, Chester

Pictured: Grosvenor Museum.

Key Stage 2 students can study the Romans and their impact on Britain at the Grosvenor Museum. The session, which is specifically focused to complement the Key Stage 2 History curriculum, offers over 15 hands-on activities designed to get children to explore the Romanisation of Britain and what life was like in Roman Chester.

The museum’s Rivers session offers a study day which extends students’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066 (suitable for both Key Stage 2 and 3). Pupils will discover the history of the River Dee and find out how it has shaped the lives of people in Chester through an interactive session, which uses maps, models and a range of activities to get them thinking and asking questions.

Additional sessions available at the museum include a Key Stage 3 workshop which challenges students to develop their historical enquiry skills by investigating primary and secondary sources.

Contact: Grosvenor Museum visitor support officer on 01244 972120 or e-mail

Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse, Northwich

Pictured: Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse.

A visit to Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse is ideal for Key Stage 2 History studies. Sessions covering the Bronze Age, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings - all National Curriculum topics for students aged seven to 11 – are available at the museum.

Students will be able to find out what life was like in the Bronze Age and will learn how to survive as a pre-historic hunter gatherer and Bronze Age farmer. A chance to handle real and replica stone and bronze artefacts, grind wheat on a saddle quern, discover the technology of working with bronze and make a copy of a 3000 year old pot, using the same methods as the original potters, are all part of the session, which aims to let pupils explore the subject in a fun and hands-on way.

The Anglo-Saxons’ session, with the museum’s resident Saxon, Ceowulf, will let children try on armour and recreate a shield wall. Pupils will learn about village life during the period, discover art and culture of the time and make an Anglo-Saxon style figure to take home.

Much like the Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon sessions, the Vikings session is packed with a range of engaging activities for students to enjoy. Olaf the Trader will lead pupils through the period and will tell tales of the raids, invasions and struggles the Vikings had with the Anglo-Saxons as well as the weapons that were used.

Other Weaver Hall Museum visits can be organised to cover subjects including the Victorian workhouse and prosperity and poverty during the period.

Contact: Weaver Hall Museum and Workhouse learning and interpretation officer on 01606 271640 or e-mail

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