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The great outdoors

Date Posted: 08/12/2014

Get your class to pull on their wellies for an outdoor educational experience at Langdon Hills.

Langdon Hills Country Park in Essex has a number of learning sessions suitable for Primary school students and specialises in KS1 and 2 Wildlife and Nature.

The 400-acre park is home to a diverse range of habitats including ancient woodland and wild flower meadows of national importance.

The habitats support an abundance of wildlife including several species of orchid, over 50 species of bird and 32 species of butterfly.

Children can explore to find out what sort of animals are living in the park’s ponds, woods and meadows, gaining practical experience of using fieldwork equipment along the way.

A session will also look at how animals have adapted to the habitat in which they live, and get the students to investigate how the animals move and camouflage themselves. 

Keeping dry: learning how to build a shelter

How about exploring the different properties of shelters? Your students will carry out an investigation to find out which natural material makes the best thermal insulator.

They will consider how to plan an investigation and explore the concepts of fair testing and limitations. The second part of the day is spent in designing and building a full-sized shelter; and they better make sure they don’t leave any gaps or they might get wet!

Another session allows your class to express their creativity using natural materials.

The workshop starts with a sensory walk to discover what textures, colours and smells they can find in nature.

Children will then use what they have found to design and create natural sculptures out in the woodlands.

They can also have a go at building a kite, bug box, bird box or creating a face out of logs using nails and hammers.

Going native

If you fancy more of a challenge, how about seeing if your students can survive in the jungle after their plane has crashed?

They will need to work in teams to solve problems, create a base camp, build a fire and cook food. Once the ‘rescue party’ has arrived, pupils can test their compass and maps skills on an orienteering challenge. 

Younger students can explore the woods with resident expert Barnaby Bear for games and activities.

In the afternoon, children can bring their own teddy bears and will then decide how to build Barnaby and all his new friends a home in the woods.

The educational programmes at Langdon have been awarded the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge. Langdon can tailor its programmes to suit your needs and topics and can deliver some sessions at your school.

To find out more and to book your trip contact the Langdon Hills Ranger service:


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