Taking a trip to Chiddingstone Castle

Date Posted: 03/09/2015

Pictured: Chiddingstone Castle.

Chiddingstone Castle in Kent offers educational visits for schools with a range of workshops focusing on National Curriculum topics for different Key Stages. School Travel Organiser takes a look at what you and your school could expect to learn on a visit.

Chiddingstone castle, now with its tooth and groove turrets, has been a feature of the Kent countryside in one form or another since the early 1500s.

It served as a wartime military base and today houses a collection of art and Samurai armour collected by the late Denys Eyre Bower. It’s also a great choice for school trips. Here are a few of the options available on educational visits. 

Ancient Egyptian activity day

Pictured: Children dressing up as part of the Ancient Egyptian activity day.

The Ancient Egyptians, a popular Key Stage 2 History topic, can be explored on Chiddingstone Castle’s Ancient Egyptian activity day. Specifically for Year 5, 6 and above, the day includes a chance for students to practice their hieroglyph writing, dress up as a mummy, make a sarcophagus and work through an activity booklet.

There is also an opportunity for students to take part in a handling session with artefacts from the Denys Eyre Bower Ancient Egyptian Collection.

The Fields of Eternity, an Ancient Egyptian grass maze laid out in the grounds of the estate, is an opportunity for pupils to venture down the River Nile. The maze, with its ‘tributaries’, lets students explore the ancient civilisation and make discoveries, such as finding Tutankhamun’s tomb and a giant sun dial.  

Victorian activity day

The Victorian activity day, set in the  original Victorian kitchen, servants’ hall and bedroom, lets students explores the period and how people lived during the era through a range of hands-on activities, such as butter patting, carpet beating and cleaning pots and pans.

Arts Award Discover workshop

Denys Eyre Bower, who had Chiddingstone Castle as his home from 1955 and 1977, devoted his life to collecting art and antiques. The castle now holds a range of collections from different periods and, as part of the Arts Award Discover workshop, students can explore the artefacts and visual art from Eyre Bower’s Ancient Egyptian collection, Japanese collection, Buddhist collection and Stuart and Jacobite collection. 

Woodland and Plant Activity Day

Chiddingstone Castle is set within 35 acres of garden and grounds and teachers can use the outdoors as a classroom environment for a range of subjects.

Chiddingstone encourages team building exercises, but discovering the wildlife in the grounds can also be tied into Science and Geography topics.   


As well as the workshops on offer for schools, the castle hosts an exhibition, which explores the different aspects of its past.

For more information visit www.chiddingstonecastle.org.uk/whats-on-visit-us/education.

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