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Study tours of Japan for active students

Date Posted: 22/01/2015

A pioneer of walking and cultural tours in Japan, Walk Japan runs a selection of school tours ideal for older students with a passion to learn, experience and explore.

Uniquely tailored for students who like to keep active, Walk Japan’s guided school tour programmes allow participants to engage with the country’s unique culture, and experience the lives of its people.

Upcoming tours include:

‘The road through the mountains’: Nakasendo Way, Japan on Foot 

A scenic tour that retraces the path of the ancient highway of Nakasendo Way, with the more unspoiled parts of the old road leading deep into the mountains. 

Used chiefly during the Edo Period between 1604 and 1868, this ancient highway was once one of two main thoroughfares connecting the ancient capital of Kyoto to its current capital Tokyo.

Kunisaki: Revival in Rural Japan

A hands-on experience of the Kunisaki Peninsula in west Japan, this tour is deeply centred on Walk Japan’s Community Project, a volunteer initiative that aims to support and uplift the local farming community of Kyushu.

Activities include working with local farmers, planting trees and helping with harvests and generally getting involved with the communities in a bid help them revive the area.

Snow Country: Winter Adventure

This tour provides a unique alternative to skiing trips, focusing instead upon exploration of the life and environment of Japan’s Snow Country.

Offering an in-depth experience of life and community in rural Japan, the tour will focus on in-depth involvement in the local community’s way of life, in addition to the building of ice caves and taking snowshoe treks into regions where the snowfall can last for up to six months.

All tours are designed for 20 students, to be accompanied by two guardians.

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