School trips to the National Holocaust Centre and Museum

Date Posted: 14/05/2015

The National Holocaust Centre and Museum, in Nottinghamshire is dedicated to educating visitors and providing students with an understanding of the causes and events of the Holocaust through a range of exhibitions and survivor testimonies.

Students can explore the history and implications of the Holocaust at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum, with learning programmes and a range of exhibitions offered for Key Stages 2 to 5.

Below are some of the opportunities available to schools:

KS2 The Journey

Although suitable for Key Stages 3 and 4 as well, The Journey exhibition has been targeted towards Primary school children. It is an immersive learning experience, which allows students to explore the personal story of Leo, a fictional German-Jewish boy living under Nazi rule.

Leo’s story unfolds in a series of locations, including his home, school and the ‘Hidden Space’, which explores why families would need to go into hiding. Each location looks at the personal experience of Leo as well as the historical events that characterised the Nazi domination of Europe.

Learning outcomes

  • Students will gain an awareness of the choices made by individuals and how those choices shaped the lives of Jewish children during the Second World War.
  • Classes will be asked to consider how the consequences of their choices impact on the lives of others today.
  • Schools will explore the journey of a Jewish boy in 1938.

Curriculum links

  • English: Reading fiction and non-fiction, and books from other cultures and traditions.
  • History: Exploring British history that extends the pupil’s chronological knowledge beyond 1066.

KS3, KS4 and KS5 History

This learning programme offered by the National Holocaust Centre asks students to consider the statement: ‘The Holocaust evolved because of the choices that people made.’ Through exploring the Holocaust exhibition, the memorial gardens and workshop activities, pupils will gain a greater understanding of the events that occurred under Nazi rule.

The Holocaust exhibition follows the chronological order of events that led to the Holocaust. Survivor testimonies and artefacts provide a human and personal perspective on pre-war Jewish life in Europe, the rise of National Socialism, the Holocaust, survival and post-war justice.

Learning outcomes

  • To develop a greater knowledge about the events of the Holocaust

Curriculum links

  • History: Looking at the challenges for Britain, Europe and the wider world from 1901 to the present day.

Student workbooks are available to download. To access the link click here.

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