School Workshops: York’s Chocolate Story

Date Posted: 17/07/2014

The Yorkshire attraction, providing a guided tour through the history of York’s most famous chocolate-making families and their brands, offers a number of workshops to school groups.

Curriculum links include Social History, Science, Geography, and Design and Technology, and workshops can be combined with a short walking tour in the city centre.

School workshops last for one hour and are hosted in a partner venue that’s just a short walk away from the main attraction.

A Key Stage 2 workshop itinerary at York’s Chocolate Story (KS1 option available on request) can be as follows:

Changing states with chocolate (Science)

10am: Arrive at St George’s Fields coach park, around a 15-minute walk from York’s Chocolate Story.

The recommended route takes in some of the city’s iconic landmarks, including Clifford’s Tower and the famous Shambles.

Large numbers of children will be divided into smaller groups on arrival (for example 60 pupils would be split into groups of 20) and a member of staff will provide an overview of the day.

10.30am: Whilst one group takes a guided tour of the attraction to discover how chocolate influenced York’s history, another group will set out on a Minster Quarter walking trail to see the sites of the original Rowntree and Terry shops and find out more about York in the 1800s.

The final group will go to the beautiful Bedern Hall, where an educational leader will deliver the Changing States with Chocolate workshop.

Pupils explore the properties of solid and liquid chocolate as a material, play an interactive game to understand the irreversible and reversible changes in the bean to bar process.

Each pupil then makes and decorates a piece of chocolate to take home.

11.45am: Each group will move on to the corresponding activity after a short break. Students taking the attraction tour can visit the gift shop during their break. 

1pm: The whole group meets for a packed lunch together in Bedern Hall.

1.30pm: The groups move on to their final activity of the day. All teachers booking a group will receive itinerary advice, maps and guidance and visits can be tailored to meet specific needs and timescales.

For more information, or to book, contact:

0845-070 6255

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