School Workshops: Hatton Adventure Farm

Date Posted: 12/09/2013

Children at Hatton Adventure Farm.

Hatton Adventure Farm in Warwickshire aims to help children develop through fun, adventure and discovery.

Children on a school trip can explore the countryside, its animals, where the food they eat comes from, how animals and humans work together and the importance of outdoor activity.

Hatton offers a selection of options within an educational school visit.

The educational visits are aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2 and teachers can choose up to two out of the following specially-designed guided programmes:

Caring for Animals: Whether it’s looking after pets at home or larger animals that we find around the farm, children will discover that they all need five basic things. Students will explore what these could be in a safe and educational environment.

Plant Growing: A farm isn’t just for animals, Hatton also has many different crops and its own vegetable patch, where pupils learn all about what they have growing. School groups will even get to take part in some planting of your own.

Animal Growth and Change: Students learn about the changes of animals from young to adult with the help of the animals at Hatton. The farm has many different animals, all in different stages of growing up.

Field to Fork: Learn in a fun and interactive way about where food is produced before arriving at the supermarkets. Children will explore the farm seeking out where we get our fruits, vegetables and meats from.

Natural Environment: It is important to know what is around us and what we can do to help protect it. Pupils can learn all about our natural wildlife and learn ways that they can help protect it at home or at school.

Animal Adaptation: All animals are different and they have had to adapt to living in different places and ways. The team at Hatton will help your students to see some of these adaptations with the help of its Falconry team and the various animals on the farm.

School workshops at Hatton Adventure Farm.

As well as taking part in the above programmes children can enjoy all of the indoor and outdoor adventure play on the farm.

As a farm, Hatton is able to vary its programmes seasonally. For example, school visits taking place during February can watch the lambing, or during the summer pupils can see crops growing in Hatton’s Growing Patch. There’s also Harvest Happenings in the autumn; Pumpkin Picking in October and Santa’s Grotto around Christmas.

Free teachers packs and resources tailored to Key Stages 1 and 2 are available on request for pre-booked school groups.

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