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Ready, steady – cook!

Date Posted: 11/11/2014

Opportunities for pupils, tutors and parents to be inspired at LucyCooks – a cookery school based in the Lake District.

The LucyCooks Cookery School aims to provide a fun and lively environment for children to increase their confidence with food as well as sharing a creative day out with their friends. 

The school can enhance the educational value of any visit by providing a short demonstration from one of its local suppliers – choose from an artisan baker, fishmonger, vegetable grower and butcher.

The demonstrations help to illustrate the relationship between what appears on our plates and where it comes from. That particular session is called ‘From field to feast...from ocean to table’, but there are lots of different subjects for teachers to choose from.

LucyCooks promises to teach students:

  • About food and its origins.
  • Confidence through successful application of new skills.
  • About different ingredients, some local and some from further afield, and to get kids to try them too.
  • To get involved at a practical level rather than for example watching cookery on television or looking at cookery books.

A typical day at LucyCooks:

Schools arrive between 9.15am and 9.30am for a morning snack in the ‘Bubbling Beck’ riverside room, where children will get to meet their chef for the day who give them a short introduction to the school and the format for the day ahead.

At around 10am your class will move upstairs to its own galley kitchen area, each one of which is fully equipped to your specific requirements, with a choice of gas, electric or induction ovens. There are also facilities for children with disabilities and varying ages.

Generally a fully practical course will start with a demonstration by your chef.  Pupils will then return to your kitchen to start cooking the dish themselves.

The afternoon session is some more watching, learning and doing, with a refreshment break somewhere along the way. 

Children can take all of their homemade goodies back with them at the end of the day.

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