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Party like it’s 1385: Education sessions at Bodiam Castle

Date Posted: 12/11/2014

Medieval Sessions at Bodiam Castle.

Venue: Bodiam Castle, Sussex
Subjects: History, Geography, Arts and Design
Key Stages: 1-4

Introduce your class to the fascinating world of the Middle Ages through a selection of activity sessions at Bodiam Castle in Sussex.

Built in 1385, Bodiam Castle is described as one of the most beautiful and inspiring medieval castles left in Britain today.

Located in Robertsbridge, east Sussex, it was built by Sir Edward Dallingridge.

Complete with its towers, moat, murder holes, portcullis, and battlements, Bodiam Castle can teach children about anything from medieval dancing to battle tactics.

Workshops provided incorporate parts of the History, Geography, as well as the Arts and Design Curriculum.

The sessions range from focusing on medieval armour and warfare to learning about what people would have eaten and how they would have dressed.

Activities are catered to groups up to 60 pupils in size, with special ‘big schools weeks’ running periodically throughout the year.

The sessions also incorporate short guided tours of the castle.

Education Programme at Bodiam Castle:

Sir Edward’s Feast (KS1)

A fun activity session incorporating role-play.

Children are introduced a medieval banquet through learning about medieval food, drink, dancing and games. A short guided tour of the castle is also included.

A Knight’s Tale (KS1)

Learn about knights and armour as you listen to the story of the aspiring Ralph in his quest to becoming a knight.

Find out about the training a knight was required to do, and how they often fought their way to fame and fortune.

Activity includes fixing together a small suit of armour, and then trying some real pieces on. 

Bertie the Bat (KS1)

Bodiam Castle is renowned for its impressive bat colony, which includes over 300 bats.

Time-travelling back to over 600 years ago, children can explore the castle through the eyes of one of these bats, named Bertie, with an exciting and educating story.

A knight at the Bodiam Castle medieval sessions.

Pupils then have the opportunity to design and create their very own bat puppet. Short guided tour of the castle also included.

Guided Tour (KS1 & KS2)

Was Bodiam Castle built for defence or comfort? Pupils learn about the castle’s many attack and defensive features through the eyes of an attacking army, while also discovering the many hidden luxuries this 14th century home held.

Tour includes computer generated ‘before’ images of the now-ruined interior as well as different artefacts to ignite student’s enthusiasm to learn about their surroundings. Ground floor tour only.

Armed and Dangerous (KS1 & KS2)

It’s 1385 and we’re at war with France. What was the medieval army like? What did they wear? How did they fight?

What was the difference between men-at-arms and archers? How did they behave? Find out all this and more through this exciting activity.

Within, pupils are made familiar with one of the most fascinating primary sources Bodiam offers: replica armour and archery equipment.

The main aim is to highlight the importance of armour in the medieval period and to explain the function of each piece, whether it be breast plate or longbow.

This session also allows children the opportunity to try on different parts of the armour, and thus will not disappoint any budding medieval knight.

Medieval Life Days (KS1 & KS2); for groups of 60 to 150 pupils

Our Medieval Life Days are delivered in partnership with a specialist interpretation company, Happening History. 

These days incorporate a guided tour of the castle as well as sessions on medieval costumes, armour, and medicine.

Pupils are split into groups of 30-40 depending upon their age/level of ability. Medieval Life days can be tailored to meet a group’s specific requests or interests.

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