Nottingham pupils explore Law and Order

Date Posted: 06/02/2015

On Tuesday 20th January, 2015 60 Primary school pupils from St John The Baptist School, Colwick visited NCCL (The National Centre for Citizenship and the Law) at the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham to participate in its crime prevention workshop ‘I Pledge’.

‘I Pledge’ is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and focuses on teaching children aged seven to 11 about the contemporary criminal justice system.

It consists of two educational visits to NCCL at the Galleries of Justice Museum.

During their first visit, year 5 and 6 pupils from St John’s Primary explored contemporary youth crime issues through role play of topics such as vandalism, cyber-bullying and theft.

The students contributed enthusiastically to their performances and were quick to pick up the real meanings of these emotive crime stories.

Learning about different types of crime

Ella, Year 5 really enjoyed the session and said: “I liked the role-play because you get a lot of fun moving around and get to know the characters more”.

Dylan’s favourite part of the morning was: “Learning about different types of crime”.

During this workshop students worked alongside NCCL education facilitators and even got to meet PC Paul Kanikowski, school liaison officer in the Gedling Borough, who shared his experience and advice with the children and supported them throughout the session. 

Tom Walton, I Pledge education facilitator, said: “I Pledge is a great opportunity for children to explore the justice system first-hand in a safe environment and to understand the consequences of crime for themselves and their community”.

The second activity of the day involved pupils exploring both the civil and youth courtrooms at the Galleries of Justice Museum where they learnt about the roles within the legal system.

The children thoroughly enjoyed being given the opportunity to dress up as barristers and judges and donning the appropriate clothing and wigs.

The children learned about the History of the law and justice system in England and Wales as well as the modern day system and how it can affect them.

Katrina Bewick, Primary School Teacher at St John the Baptist School said: “The ‘I Pledge’ programme at the Galleries of Justice Museum is a fabulous, practical learning experience, in an exciting location, where the children enjoy extending their knowledge of British values and the judiciary system through PSCHE, English and Drama activities. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day!"

Continuing the learning back in the classroom

The learning continues when students return to school, as they will choose a theme from the crime stories that is important to them and that may have happened in their local community.

They will then translate this story into a mock trial by writing their own scripts. Pupils are set to return to the museum in the spring to re-enact their own mock trial in the Youth Court.

During the project pupils will be helped to make a pledge to their community not to get involved with crime. 

Local police will assist this element and support the pupils to follow this up.

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Pictured: The ‘prosecution’ and ‘defence’ barristers from St John’s: Tamzon Scott and Thomas Rowson.

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