My Favourite Place: Life Science Centre

Date Posted: 14/02/2015

Teacher Lindsey Howe from St Oswald’s RC Primary School in Gateshead recommends the Life Science Centre in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Why the Life Science Centre?

Our topic with Reception class was a winter theme. It was a relatively ‘snowless’ winter and we really wanted the children to experience some kind of winter sport activity. The Life Science Centre has an outdoor ice rink each year and so we decided this would be a fun and unique experience for our five-year-olds, which could also be combined with a visit to the centre.

What did you do the last time you were there?

Our day was all planned out for us. The children were given allocated slots to enable them to explore the centre. Our visit included exploring a hands-on play area: watching an interactive show about the weather; working in the exploration zone, experiencing all kinds of scientific phenomena at their own level; and, of course, the ice rink and hot chocolate to finish off!

The day was action-packed with such a wide range of experiences that the children were engaged and excited throughout. They were allowed to explore, discuss and engage with a range of displays, experiences and shows.

For example, the Young Explorers' Zone is specially designed for children under the age of seven. This hands-on area lets them explore a garden with a tree house, a shop, a cafe, a kitchen and a recycling centre. They can grow vegetables, prepare a meal, visit a cafe and sort out the rubbish for recycling.

The Curiosity Zone is a place that gives pupils the opportunity to think like a scientist, not somewhere that tells you things scientists have already found out. There are no right or wrong answers, no instructions, no rules.

Pupils can decide what they want to explore and how, and use their natural curiosity to make their own discoveries. The whole experience is very interactive, so children learn and have a lot of fun at the same time.

Why would you recommend it?

The visit was so well organised. There were several schools there on the same day, but this was never an issue as we were all directed and supported throughout. The children experienced so many different areas of learning in a safe environment.

Best part?

The ice rink. It was a fabulous experience and so well staffed. We had a great day out and only a few bruises to show for it!

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