Maths, Geography, Science and PSE in Buxton’s outdoors

Date Posted: 13/04/2015

Outdoor Genius has devised a series of school sessions that teach core Curriculum subjects in Buxton County Park.

The teaching of Maths, Geography, Science and PHSE has been relocated from the classroom into Buxton’s woodland, thanks to local outdoor learning specialist, Outdoor Genius.

The company created the range of educational experiences to complement a school trip to Poole’s Cavern, and each one lasts approximately two hours.

Each session is linked to the National Curriculum and tailored towards a Key Stage.

Key Stage 1

The Explorers experience has been designed for children aged five to seven. It encourages pupils to follow clues to reach a base camp in the woods and investigate their new surroundings once there.

Curriculum links include…

Science – Students will discover that living things live in environments that suit their needs and that different habitats will be home to different lifeforms.

Pupils will also learn how to identify certain plants and gain an understanding of micro-habitats. Plus they’ll discover the difference between living and dead things and things that have never been alive. 

PHSE – Pupils are encouraged to listen to one another and work cooperatively. They’ll also look at safety in the environment.

Key Stage 2


This experience is targeted at students aged seven to 11 and it challenged pupils to find their way to a base camp before turning their hand to the skills of the lime burners that used to live in the area.

Pupils get to experiment to see how to best build a fire and find out what sort of woods burn best, before rewarding their hard work with a self-toasted marshmallow.

Curriculum links include…

Science – Pupils have the opportunity to use classification keys to group, identify and name living things and will learn that environments are open to change.

Geography – Students will look closer at human Geography including topics like land use, economics and trade.

PHSE – Working together to achieve goals and the development of an understanding of risk are all included in this session.

Any age group

A session called Temple Hunters can be organised for all age groups. This involves orienteering to reach Soloman’s Temple for a 360 degree view of Buxton.

Depending on the Key Stage, this experience can incorporate Geography in a similar way as the sessions above.

Maths is another key focus on this session, though. Key Stage 1 teachers can incorporate problems of height, length, direction, and sums.

Key Stage 2 teachers, meanwhile, can tailor sessions that allow pupils to make 3D shapes using modelling materials and learn about symmetry, averages, and the diameter of a circle.

These sessions can be booked in the morning or afternoon, to tie in with a visit to Poole’s Cavern and larger school groups can be split in half so that half the group explore the cavern in the morning and have the Outdoor Genius session in the afternoon, and the other half does it the in the reverse order.

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