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Date Posted: 10/01/2015

Who needs the TARDIS? From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, West Stow Anglo Saxon Village in Suffolk gives children the chance to step back in time and explore what life was like living in an Anglo Saxon village.

One of England’s most significant archaeological sites, West Stow has extensive indoor galleries as well as the village recreation area.

What can West Stow offer schools?

A full day Anglo Saxon package exploring the village, collections and working with expert members of staff to formulate questions and answers about Anglo Saxon life. Sessions can cater for up to 120 children.

A new winter schools session will be run during December 2015 and January 2016. Pupils can explore how Anglo Saxons prepared for the winter months, listen to music in the hall and make their own Anglo Saxon mementos.

A schools session at West Stow promises to…

•    Allow children to explore, investigate and question in a hands-on, interactive way.
•    Evoke creative learning through its museum, interactive galleries and open archaeological spaces.
•    Engage children with the past through fun and creative learning.
•    Provide a context to allow children to question experts and use evidence to explore answers to challenging questions.

How will your visit link with the curriculum?

KS2 Stone Age to Iron Age: People have lived at West Stow from Mesolithic times (6000BC).

A new KS2 Stone Age to Iron Age schools session will provide schools the option of studying this part of the curriculum at West Stow. 

KS2 Britain’s Settlement by the Anglo Saxons and Scots: Explore an Anglo-Saxon settlement and step back in time to a real Anglo-Saxon village.

Study a range of collections and complete a variety of activities to explore Anglo Saxon art, culture, beliefs and fashions.

KS2 Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England: Visit the Anglo-Saxon Village and use a range of collections and resources to explore these elements of Anglo Saxon life; including laws, justice and influential characters.

KS1/2/3 Local History Study: West Stow has evidence of people living there in Mesolithic times (6000BC), Neolithic times (2500BC), Iron Age (200BC), Roman period (80AD), Anglo Saxon period (220AD) through to Medieval farmers.

For further information on these sessions contact Joe Carr, heritage officer (education).

For all booking enquiries contact Glynis Baxter, heritage officer on:

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