London’s newest outdoor classroom

Date Posted: 01/07/2014

Free learning resources have been launched to support school visits to Stratford’s Olympic Park. We highlight the educational offering available at London’s newest outdoor classroom. 

When Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park opened on 5th April for the first time since the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, it revealed the first stages of a legacy to transform the heart of east London, creating new opportunities for local people and a host of dynamic experiences for visitors.

Schools are among the first to benefit from this legacy, as the parklands, venues and water-ways of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park become London’s newest outdoor classroom.

A suite of free learning resources has been designed to bring the National Curriculum to life during a visit to the park, relevant across a range of subjects and Key Stages.

Teachers can download the resource packs directly from the schools section of the website - - listed according to subject and Key Stage.

The front section of each pack contains information for teachers, describing a variety of activities related to the subject.

Suggested locations to carry out each activity are also highlighted, and pin-pointed on a corresponding map. Activities are listed in a circular route from Stratford station, however they can be used in any order and each is designed to take approximately 20 minutes.

Pupil work-sheets for each of the activities are also included in the pack, and these can be photocopied according to group size.

Developed by the Field Studies Council in partnership with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), the new resources aim to provide a quality learning experience for students through exploring the past, present and future of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, in a bid to inspire, nurture aspirations and raise educational attainment. 

Go! Schools Network

LLDC has set up the Go! Schools Network aimed at connecting local schools within the boroughs to the opportunities within Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Go! communicates with schools via a regular newsletter, and offers an assembly pack with details on regeneration plans for the park, a plaque to display in the school, and information for your staff notice-board.

60 secondary schools have signed up to the network so far, and it will be opening up to primary schools in the near future. To join the Go! Schools Network or for more information e-mail

Here’s a taste of some of the activities designed to bring the National Curriculum to life:

Activity: Tourist advert
Location: ArcelorMittal Orbit
Key Stage: 1
Subject: Literacy
Description: Pupils discuss the key features of adverts including appeal to senses, humour, play on words, slogans, language and qualities. They then write an advert for the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

Activity: Energy!
Location: Energy Centre
Key Stage: 2
Subject: Geography
Description: Students look at the Energy Centre and query why there is steam coming from the chimney. They then answer questions about the building and its role in powering the park.

Activity: Marvellous materials
Location: London Aquatics Centre
Key Stage: 2
Subject: Science
Description: Students make observations about materials used in the construction of the Aquatics Centre. They consider the properties of each of these materials and then give reasons for their use.

Activity: Sustainable design
Location: The Copper Box Arena
Key Stage: 3
Subject: Design & Technology
Description: Groups observe the Copper Box Arena and identify the current uses of the site. They identify sustainable features and consider why sustainability is important in design.

Activity: Parks for exercise
Location: South of the Park
Key Stage: 3
Subject: Physical Education
Description: Observing current users of the park, students consider who is using it, what it is being used for and the facilities available to them. They then develop ideas for activi-ties/exercise using this space and consider how this can benefit people.

Activity: Lee Valley VeloPark
Location: Number crunching!
Key Stage: 3
Subject: Maths
Description: A number of facts are listed about the Lee Valley VeloPark. Students have to match the number to the statement taking the units into account.

The learning resources cover: Key Stage 1 and 2: Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Geography; Key Stage 3 and 4: Geography, Science, Design Technology, Maths, PE.

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