Learn about living things at the Look Out Discovery Centre

Date Posted: 10/02/2015

The educational centre invites KS 1 and 2 to discover living things and their habitats.

Promoting child-centred learning and investigation, the Look Out Discovery Centre at Bracknell, in Berkshire, has a long history of supporting schools with its practical educational programmes.

The centre offers over 90 hands-on science and nature exhibits – which is hardly surprising, considering its setting.

With the centre situated within nearly 2,500 acres of readily accessible woodland, the Look Out programme draws heavily upon biological studies. 

Animal classifications, food chains and habitats can be thoroughly explored, with the centre encouraging students to learn and discover through their own observations and investigations. It also provides a 70ft high viewing platform through which to do so.

Look Out provides a variety of themed zones to explore, each delving into unique areas of interactive-based learning.

•    In the Light and Colour zone children can employ Optimusic to play tunes through laser beams and race to step on colour beams, in addition to capturing  their silhouettes in a shadow box.
•    In the Woodland and Water play zone, children can play on boats on the indoor stream and learn about forest and river ecosystems.
•    Build It! encourages planning and teamwork whilst pupils endeavour to construct and design a house and drive dumper trucks.
•    The Body and Perception zone challenges children’s brains as well as bodies. Reflexes will be tested as they attempt to solve the jigsaw of the human body,
•    The Forces and Movement zone will allow pupils to launch hydrogen rockets and hot air balloons and explore the world through the Bernoulli blower.

With teacher resources provided on site to help plan the trip, and a full itinerary of activities that includes fact-filled science-based talks and shows, the Look Out Discovery Centre will offer its visitors a full day’s worth of learning.

For more information visit www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk.

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