Fun Science with Technology thrown in

Date Posted: 23/04/2015

Tech camp runs school workshops and camps that are sure to appeal to your 21st century technology-obsessed students.

Topics at a Tech camp workshop range from game and app design, robotics, rocketry, web development, electronics, engineering and even the Science of chocolate.

Engage kids with the workshops’ winning-combination of fun Science with Technology-related projects that can be built and taken home.

Tech camp can provide workshops onsite in schools or at locations outside the classroom.

Workshops include:

Marble Roller Coasters

A team STEM activity which consists of a laser-cut cardboard kit that can be assembled into a working marble roller coaster. 

Tech camp can incorporate both concepts of energy conversions and electric circuits into this workshop.

Suggested Time: 3 hours+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5

Game Design

Described as one of Tech camp’s most challenging courses; this is a whirl-wind introduction to game programming.

In a couple of hours, students go from no experience to producing a finished game complete with professional graphics and sound.

At the end of the session, the levels produced by each student are combined into a complete game that you can make available on your school web site.

Suggested Time: 2.5 hours+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5

Light & Lasers

Students will see a drop of water turned into a laser microscope, find out how lasers can burn and heal, how to draw with light, how good their eyesight is and how well they really wash their hands.

This presentation was originally designed for The Science Museum and Tech camp has presented it at Science festivals around the world.

Younger students can learn about light and colour, and even make their own periscope, and older groups can go into more details of concepts like fluorescence and phosphorescence.

Suggested Time: 45 minutes+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5


Designed for Cheltenham Science Festival, this is an electricity workshop with a difference. 

It covers everything from early historical experiments with electricity, to series and parallel circuits; using the students themselves as the circuit (safer than it sounds). 

Demonstrations include turning a gherkin into a high-voltage electric lamp, playing electrostatic tennis, and how to play music using a quarter of a million volts.

Suggested Time: 45 minutes+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5

Instant Inventor

Pupils get to try out a product that allows you to become an instant inventor.

In 90 minutes they will be programming a microcontroller to turn on lights, read switches, make sounds, move motors and much more.

Create a burglar alarm, a timer, a robot, or pretty much anything else that you can imagine - all in under an hour.

This workshop makes an alternative and creative team-building exercise or as an introduction to the world of coding.

Suggested Time: 90 minutes+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5


A course for schools wanting an introduction to coding.

Children will get to experiment with a brand new Lego-compatible robot. Although it looks simple, the robot has dual obstacle avoidance sensors, a line detection sensor, push buttons, controllable LED lights, a buzzer that can play tunes and more.

Suggested Time: 90 minutes+
Recommended Ages: KS2/3/4/5

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