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Focus on: Leighton Hall

Date Posted: 22/11/2014

Subjects: History, Science, Geography, Literacy, Maths, Art

Venue: Leighton Hall, Lancashire

Key stages: 1 & 2

Leighton Hall looks like the setting from a Sunday night historical drama. But there’s more to study here than the past. Subjects like Science, Art, and Geography, Maths and Literacy can all be factored into a visit.

The 13th century property, which is still lived in by the Gillow family, has an extensive school visits programme, which consists of both guided tours and teacher-led trips. The hall also offers a vault of online resources, including worksheets and teachers’ notes, which can be used before and after visits.

There are no barriers to exploration at Leighton Hall, as no parts of the house are roped-off and children are allowed to sit on the furniture and touch things as they explore the house.

Outside, meanwhile, there is plenty of room for children to let off steam, in areas like the caterpillar maze and the parkland.

Sessions available for Key Stage 1 and 2

Upstairs/Downstairs: This guided trip helps children understand what life was life for their counterparts in Victorian England. Students will explore the contrast between the life of the Gillow children who lived upstairs and the many families who worked below stairs and throughout the estate. Pupils are encouraged to use role play as part of their experience.

House and Homes: This guided experience lets children discover how homes have changed throughout the ages, by identifying how Leighton Hall has altered over time. Students will study why buildings look the way they do and gain an understanding of what different buildings are used for.

Countryside Classroom: For this tour, teachers will lead their pupils around a series of outdoor trails to discover different habitats. Field sketching and making aboriginal map sticks are just two of the activities on offer on these outdoor trails. Teachers can choose from Science and Nature, Geography or Literacy-orientated experiences.

A sample itinerary

10:00 Arrival

10:15 Toilets, bags, Intros

10:30 Hall tour / Countryside Classroom

12:00 Lunch and Golden Time

1:00 Birds of Prey Display

1:45 Outdoor Activities / Gift Shop

2:15 Depart

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