Curriculum resource packs from LOtC

Date Posted: 16/04/2015

Inspiration for new curriculum delivery from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

The Council for Learning Outside the Classroom has put together nine sets of resource packs for teaching History, English and Science outside the classroom, linked to the priorities of the new curriculum.

The new curriculum, which was introduced last year, places a strong emphasis on the importance of first-hand practical experiences, real world application of knowledge and the development of a love of learning.

The LOtC packs aim to highlight the opportunities for teaching the curriculum outside the classroom, and help teachers to deliver the new curriculum through ready-made lesson ideas.

The packs have been carefully planned to contain a mixture of activities in the school grounds and educational visits further afield, giving teachers low-cost, accessible and adaptable ideas which can be taught in a range of settings and help bring the curriculum to life.

Activities range from discovering different habitats in the school grounds to exploring adjectives and adverbs in an outdoor setting, and are designed to use minimal and accessible resources, making them easy to set up and deliver.

History activities include exploring local buildings to understand the history of an area; learning about Roman Britain through a historical treasure hunt; and examining a church for evidence of the Reformation and later religious conflicts.

Some activities are era-specific, and reflect the emphasis of the curriculum on chronological understanding; others focus on local history, and using the local area to understand wider changes in British history.

These new packs expand the existing set of resource packs for EYFS, History, English, Science and Maths produced by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

See for details of the full range.

About the LOtC resource packs

Each pack contains eight A4, full colour cards and includes information including health and safety information, the lesson plans, and tips and recommendations.

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Sample lesson plan from the LOTC


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