Curriculum linked school visits to Holkham

Date Posted: 26/05/2015

Holkham estate is on the north Norfolk coast and offers a diverse programme of educational visits for schools from March to October, supporting the National Curriculum for all Key Stages.

The Holkham estate is made up of nearly 8,000 hectares of farmland and 710 hectares of woodland, which students can explore from March to October in a range of educational programmes linked to the National Curriculum.

Complimentary teacher previews are available all year round to enable teachers to familiarise themselves with the area and learn more about the programmes offered. The Holkham website also provides pre- and post-visit idea sheets available to download.

Below are some of the opportunities available to schools:

Hall Investigators

Key Stage 1 pupils will search for the similarities and differences between the past and present on a guided tour of Holkham Hall. The programme has Curriculum links to both Key Stage 1 Maths and History, as students investigate the different sizes and shapes present in the family home and identify changes within living memory.

There is also an opportunity for classes to take part in authentic chores in the Victorian kitchen to experience a practical comparison between ways of life now and in the past.

KS1 Curriculum links include:

History          Changes within living memory
                       Significant individuals
                       Local history
Maths           Number

Woodland Explorers

Woodland Explorers is a chance for pupils to discover what lives in the woods. The workshop is suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 and is adapted to suit the differing Curriculum focuses.

This practical fieldwork session is divided up into a number of short activities, including a woodland rummage and a minibeast hunt, engaging children with the woodland environment.

KS1 Curriculum links include:

Maths             Statistics
Geography    Geographical skills and fieldwork
Science         Working scientifically
                         Living things and their habitats
                         Seasonal changes

KS2 Curriculum links include:

Science        Working scientifically
                        Living things and their habitats
                        Evolution and inheritance

Rural Landscape

Rural Landscape is an outdoor session in which Key Stage 2 students will orienteer, read maps and navigate with GPS. Using this information they will then document the key features on the Holkham estate which have changed over time.

KS2 Curriculum links include:

History             Local history study
                          Chronological knowledge after 1066
Geography      Human and physical geography
                          Geographical skills and fieldwork

Den Building

New for the 2015 education programme is Den Building. Key Stage 2 students will investigate the different species of trees found in the woods and learn about how certain trees are beneficial for providing shelter for animals.

They will then look at the different parts of a tree and test which shapes and sizes of branches are best to build a den to hide in.

KS1 Curriculum links include:

Maths            Measurement
Science        Plants

KS2 Curriculum links include:

Science        Plants

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Photo credit: © Holkham Estate.

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