Cross-curricular studies at Llama Farm

Date Posted: 09/04/2015

Activity days for school groups at Catanger Llama Farm can be tailored to cover several curriculum subjects and are available for Key Stages 1 to 3.

Northamptonshire may be known as the county of squires and spires, but in amongst it all is a llama breeding farm with an educational visit programme that’s cross curricular.

Located in Towcester, Catanger Llama Farm covers 40 acres of countryside and includes 20 acres of native woodland with trekking trails laced through it.

School trip opportunities at the farm are tailored towards Key Stages 1 to 3 and activities vary depending on the age group.

School groups of up to 25 can take part in experiences all together, while parties of up to 50 can be split in half to experience the educational sessions.

Sessions can be organised for a couple of hours in the morning, or extended to last a full day.

Typical school visits can be arranged to involve the following…

Education sessions

Talks about the animals, where they are from, and what they are used for in South America.

Talks on llama fibre processing, and the journey llama wool takes from raw fibre to finished product.

Mini treks

Treks around the farm can be tailored to the Key Stage. No matter what the age of the pupils though, three children and an adult can team up to lead a llama around the farm’s trails with them.

Walks for eight to 11 year olds would generally last an hour, while those for pupils 12 years and above would last two hours and cover up to four miles.

Meet and greets with the animals

Catanger Farm is a breeding centre, and its llamas start producing babies from April onwards. Pupils will get the opportunity to see the young with their mothers.

Woodland safaris

These tend to take place in the afternoon of a full day trip to Catanger. During these safaris, pupils will can focus on Geography and Biology.

Students will be shown how to do things like identify native woodland trees, wild flowers, pond life and signs of wildlife.

Facilities for schools at Catanger

Onsite coach parking
Toilets with hand-washing areas
Picnic areas
Indoor eating areas

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