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Case Study: Leeds Castle, Kent

Date Posted: 13/03/2013

School: Broadfield East Infant School and Nursery, Crawley, west Sussex
Number of pupils: 87
KS: 1

Schools visiting picturesque Leeds Castle can journey through 900 years of history, including Tudor life and the 1920s; and participate in themed workshops followed by free time to discover the twists and turns of the maze, magical underground grotto and Knights’ Realm playground.

Broadfield East has organised a number of school trips to the castle, and in the most recent more than 80 pupils visited on two separate days.

“In the spring term the Year 2 topic is castles,” said teacher, Pam Hollands. “On each visit we were split into two groups led by education officers. One group toured the castle and the other went to the Potted History workshop aimed at KS1 and younger KS2 children. It was linked to areas of both the English and History curriculum, and focused on the history of the castle in the form of a drama production performed by the children. The children dressed as the characters in very realistic costumes and did a bit of acting as the story was told.

“After lunch the groups swapped activities and the castle tour was very informative and explained at the childrens’ level. We really like visiting Leeds Castle because it is beautiful and the children are always awestruck when they see it. The staff are very child-friendly and knowledgeable, and look after us very well making it a less stressful trip for the teachers.

“We find the children are more engaged through drama and dressing up. Back at school they remember a lot of facts and names, and can describe in detail the things they saw. By visiting a castle early on in the topic it brings to life their learning and puts it in a real-life context, rather than just learning from books and pictures.”

As part of the castle’s charitable mission, special subsidised rates are offered to schools from Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Essex and London.

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