Case Study: Jordan

Date Posted: 20/11/2013

Pictured: Petra, the 'pink city' of the Nabateans which was hewn by hand from solid rock is set to be a highlight of the trip.

Pupils at a Suffolk college had a “truly memorable experience” when they visited Jordan earlier this year with The Adventure Company.

School: Mildenhall College Academy, Suffolk
Number of pupils: 23
KS: 5

Mildenhall College Academy’s eight-day tour of the country offered a real insight into Middle Eastern culture and allowed them to forge friendships with fellow students through visits to a Jordanian school.

History lessons were brought to life on the school trip as they explored the ancient ‘lost city’ of Petra and well-preserved crusader castles.

On a jeep ride through the Wadi Rum desert the children witnessed vertical sandstone cliffs, narrow gorges and impressive rock bridges - more often seen on the pages of geography textbooks - and they also had a chance to float in the saline waters of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth.

In terms of cultural interaction, the school group stayed in a traditional Bedouin camp in the desert, travelled with a local tour leader and visited a local school at the start and end of the trip.

Chris Milne, a teacher at Mildenhall College Academy, said: “Our students had a life-changing experience in Jordan.

“The school visits were particularly impressive and gave the students - many of whom were nervous about Middle Eastern travel - a really warm welcome into the country and they made lasting friendships very quickly.

“The guide had a great manner with the students and he made adjustments to our itinerary based on their special interests; for example, some of our students study the crusades. It was a truly memorable experience and one the staff and students would like to repeat in the future.”

Journey to the Lost City: an example itinerary

The Adventure Company arranges several tours of Jordan each year. Its Journey to the Lost City itinerary takes travellers on a journey to Petra; following in the steps of T. E. Lawrence to the majestic seven columns of wisdom in the vast desert of Wadi Rum. Groups will also visit the ancient Roman city of Jerash.

Also included in the tour is a visit to Kerak - a key staging post for the crusaders and home of the Dead Sea, where pupils can float in its salty and buoyant waters.

School groups will be given the opportunity to learn about the locals’ lifestyle in the Kerak area – with the chance to try traditional Jordanian games with locals, sharing tea with Bedouin families, and sleeping in typical Bedouin tents.

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