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Cadbury World introduces a new talk on the Mayans

Date Posted: 07/11/2014

Cadbury World in the West Midlands has extended its educational programme with a brand new talk on the Maya.

This new offering will provide a wealth of information designed specifically for Key Stage 2 learners, and arrives following the addition of the Maya as a new study option in this year’s KS2 Ancient Civilisations curriculum.

The educational talk complements the remainder of the Cadbury World tour thanks to the Mayan peoples’ involvement in the early history of cocoa.

This means that what the children learn during the talk should contribute to their enjoyment of the attraction as a whole.

The talk involves a number of props and visual aids, including a life-size replica of the Madrid Codex, which is over six metres long.

The presentations also employ video and audio to enhance the experience, and are available for either individual or multiple classes.

The Chocolate Trail

The interactive element of the presentations continues throughout the attraction, with a ‘Chocolate Trail’ hand-out available for download on the Cadbury World website.

The question and answer sheet encourages children to engage with all of the attraction’s different exhibits, improving learning and ensuring they get the most out of their visit.

Diane Mitchell, marketing manager at Cadbury World, commented: “We are extremely happy to be able to offer this new talk. There is every indication that interactive learning experiences, like the ones offered here, are amongst the most effective means by which to educate children.

“Here at Cadbury World we have made big investments into the educational side of our attraction, and so we are delighted that we can provide something so relevant, exciting and most importantly fun, for this new part of the curriculum.”

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